Marie Sharp's Headquarters

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5oz Six Pack Sampler

Containing one 5 oz bottle each of Marie Sharp's Exotic Steak, Mild, Orange OR Grapefruit Pulp, Hot, Smoked, and Beware Habanero hot sauces

Dr. Chile's Hotpack

Marie Sharp's Sampler Pack!

Dr. Chile's Mega Hotpack

Marie Sharp's Sampler Pack! 12 5 oz bottles in most every flavor Marie Sharp's makes!

Dr. Chile's MINI 6 PAK Sampler

Slightly different from our Popular Mini 6 Pak

Dr. Chile's POPULAR MINI 6 PAK Sampler

Mild,Hot, Fiery Hot,Green, Belizean Heat and Beware!


7 bottles of 5 oz Marie Sharp’s red sauces.

Dr. Chile's Smokin' Hotpack

Marie Sharp's Smoked Sampler Pack! This Sampler pack has the favorites plus the Smoked & Smokin' Marie!

Marie Sharp's - (HOT) Habanero Pepper Sauce

A unique carrot-based blend with key lime juice achieves the perfect balance between flavor and heat.
From $1.35