Marie Sharp's Headquarters

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Marie Sharp's Mild Habanero Hot Sauce

A unique carrot-based blend with key lime juice, achieves the perfect balance between flavor and heat.
From $1.35

Marie Sharp's Nopal/Prickly Pear GREEN Habanero Hot Sauce

A high fiber blend from Belize that is the first of it's kind!
From $1.35

Marie Sharp's Orange Pulp Hot Sauce

Yellow Habanero Peppers, Orange fruit pulp, onions, key lime juice, vinegar, garlic & salt
From $1.25

Marie Sharp's Sweet Habanero Pepper Sauce

A unique Blend of choice fresh red habanero pepper pieces, onions, garlic, cilantro, sugar vinegar, lime juice and pectin.
From $3.25

Mini Sampler Pack

This sampler pack covers the entire spectrum of Marie Sharp's Heat Levels, from Mild to Comatose

Smokin' Mini Sampler Pack

Similar to the Mini sampler pack. This pack has most of your favorites plus the newest Smoked & Smokin' Marie.