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Best Ever!
I eat a lot of hot sauce. I ran across this in Belize and could not get enough. I am glad to find it stateside and I will be buying more. Just tasty and good.
From: Guest | Date: 9/3/2014 10:54 AM
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You have to get this!
Went to Belize in 2008 and since then, we've been ordering a case of the Fiery Hot every year.  We're hooked, and have even gotten friends hooked!  As Texans we know hot sauce, and this is so far the best I've ever had.  
From: Stephanie | Date: 4/23/2015 5:34 PM
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From: Charles | Date: 7/25/2015 4:52 PM
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You simply cannot find a better hot sauce.
Not just vinegar and heat.
Carrot based, appropriate salt, GREAT balance of Heat and FLAVOR!!!!
Not just a sensory heat din. You can taste it.
I have nearly literally tried every hot sauce there is. If there is a better one than this I cant wait to try it.
From: Charles | Date: 9/29/2015 11:17 PM
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Simply the best
An amazing hot sauce that perfectly balances heat and flavor. Addicted ever since we had our honeymoon in Belize and can't away from it since. Highly recommend.
From: Nana | Date: 10/7/2015 10:24 PM
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What I've been looking for !!!
I am a hot sauce lover, and this is one of the best sauces I have ever tasted, it has the right amount of heat plus flavor. Hence what bought me to this website, I purchased it at a hot sauce store while out of town and after I tasted it I just had to have more. Don't have a favorite food for it yet , but it's been great on every thing I've applied it too !!!!!!!
From: Lance | Date: 10/10/2015 11:48 AM
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I buy this sauce by the case and use it almost every day!
Wonderful balance of heat, sweetness, citrus tanginess, and garlic.  I especially enjoy it in the morning on eggs.
From: David | Date: 2/6/2016 11:05 AM
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Hottest and delicacy
I have never ever tried a better habaneros Sauce than Maries Sharp! World wide and nationally Maries sharp is the best!
From: Guest | Date: 9/5/2016 5:05 PM
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The best
We discovered Marie Sharp's while visiting Belize. Every restaurant has it out on its tables. It was love at first taste, and we were so happy to be able to order it from the U.S. It's the best hot sauce I've ever had, hands down.
From: Cara | Date: 7/9/2017 12:56 PM
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Best of the best
I bought some of this and 2 Jamaican habanero/scotch bonnet sauces in Houston in 2013.  The Jamaican sauces were either too vinegary (like Tabasco) or too bland-flavored, but this Fiery Hot was delicious--hot and flavorful, but generally not dominating whatever it is added to.  I think the secret is the carrots.  Anyway, when I ran low I discovered this website and bought a sampler pack (and increased from a few drops to numerous shakes).  This often seems as hot as the "hotter" varieties (No Wimps Allowed, Beware) and so is still my favorite.  Used some at the office just yesterday!
From: Brad | Date: 7/25/2017 4:18 AM
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Out of dozens of habanero sauces I've tried, this is the best...
Out of dozens of habanero sauces I've tried, this is the best brand. Vinegar is not the flavor vehicle - habaneros, carrots, and lime juice are. The Fiery Hot has the best balance of flavor and heat to me. I saw these in Belize at $3 per 5 ounces and was ecstatic to see them around the same price here - if you buy a dozen of the 10 oz bottles. Dr. Chile Pepper has my business now...

Jef Eppinette
From: Jeff | Date: 6/8/2018 1:03 PM
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