Marie Sharp's Headquarters

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Mini Sampler Pack

This sampler pack covers the entire spectrum of Marie Sharp's Heat Levels, from Mild to Comatose

Sauce King NYC's 2020 Award- Marie Sharp's Belizean Season All

Sauce King NYC's 2020 Award for Best Flavor Enhancer (Barbequie Sauce) IngredientsĀ Anatto, vinigar, onions, spices, garlic and salt.
From $5.55

Smokin' Marie

For those that yearn for more heat, this is the answer! Rates as the hottest sauce in the Marie Sharp's product line.
From $1.95

Smokin' Marie 1.69 oz Case of 24

1.69 oz case of 24 Best by 10-20

Smokin' Marie 10 oz Bottle

10 oz Bottle Best by 2-22